By Fritz Kessler

Published on Tue, May 26, 2015

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As you might expect, we’re big fans of the core ediscovery technologies we provide our clients, including Nuix, iPro’s eCapture, and kCura’s Relativity. Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to build productive relationships with our technology partners, and believe those relationships are a strength that any corporation or law firm should look for when selecting an ediscovery vendor. Here’s why:

Better, more consistent support, when you need it:

Of the many reasons to insist on a strong vendor-software provider relationship, this one quickly rises to the top of the list. Sure, anyone can call up a software company’s help line, but real support goes so much deeper than that. Staying up-to-date on the latest features, bug fixes, and patch releases; having all the right documentation at the ready; knowing which team to call for what type of issue; all of those elements play a huge part in making sure a client’s experience with a software tool is as smooth as possible, and strong vendor-software provider relationships help make it happen.

We test the tools, so you don’t have to:

Of course, it’s no secret that even with the most diligent providers, some bugs are bound to make it through any major release of a new software tool. When your vendor works closely with a software provider, they should be working together to evaluate each release of a tool to make sure it’s ready to meet client demands, and update the tool at the most appropriate time for clients (i.e. – not in the middle of a review). At Lighthouse, we also regularly garner direct feedback from our clients and provide that to our partners to guide the development of an upcoming software release.

Adding value through open APIs and custom tools:

This one’s a biggie. As awesome as tools like Nuix and Relativity are, they can’t do everything, and that’s where a vendor can add extra value to clients through development of custom tools that integrate into industry standard platforms. When a vendor makes sure they’re up to speed on a software partner’s product roadmap, it gives them the visibility they need to make sure they’re not duplicating development efforts, and be strategic about the development of their own custom developed tools. We couldn’t have made our SmartSeries tools like RedactSmart and PrivSmart without the guidance and support of our partners and those tools, in turn, have provided our clients with significant cost savings.

Regardless of which vendor you choose to support your ediscovery needs, we strongly encourage you to ensure they’re maximizing the value of their relationships with technology partners. Agree? Disagree? Let us know at

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